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Heritage Candle Fundraiser

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Candles are purchased by more households than any other house ware product and their popularity continues to grow! We have 5 premium quality scented candle programs available. 

  • All Candles are Handcrafted with Pride in the USA
  • 12 oz. Jar Candles Retail for $12 and 14 oz. Tumbler Candles Retail for $15
  • 40% Profit on all Items
  • No Minimum order & FREE Shipping!
  • 60+ Hours of Burn Time
  • Cleanly Burns All Wax to the Edge of the Jar
  • Many Popular Fragrances
  • Highly Fragrant that lasts All Through the Candle
  • Payment Required when Placing the Order
  • ALL Candles are Individually Gift Boxed - Fun Gift Item to Sell

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(484) 452-3863
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