Your Local Fundraising Solution

Customize for YOUR group with YOUR colors, ​​YOUR logo,

and YOUR local merchants! Earn up to 70% profit for

every card sold!!! 

Looking for a great fundraising idea your community can REALLY

get excited about buying? How about one where they can save money

all year on purchases they make every day?

The Top Dog Fundraising Discount Card is the best school, sports, church or group fundraiser where everyone wins: You earn high profits with an easy sale, buyers save big bucks, and local merchants get more business!

  • Extremely High Profits – Up to 70% Profit!
  • Low Minimums – Only 250 cards!
  • Free Shipping – ALWAYS!
  • Customize – These cards are customized 100% for your group and area!
  • Supports the Local Economy!

This program is our highest profit fundraiser available, with groups earning up to 70% profit of every card sold. We do all of the heavy lifting to make this fundraiser virtually effortless for you and your group. All the group has to do it fill out our Agreement Form and Merchant Wish List then you can begin selling! Top Dog Fundraising will contact the local merchants from your wish list and sign them up for your card. We will also create a personalized design for the front of your card.

Unlike most Discount Card Programs, we do not require any money upfront. Your group's payment is not due until AFTER you have collected all of the funds from your customers. Every group is eligible for free extra cards and a portion of the cards ordered can be returned, some restrictions may apply. 

Please let us know how we can help you create a unique card and

start a successful fundraiser for you and your group. ​



Start your Discount Card Fundraiser Today!

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Top Dog Fundraising Discount Cards

Benefits of the Top Dog Fundraising Discount Card Program

​ High Fundraising Profits
     Up to 70%!

 Easy to Sell
     Non-perishable items everyone can use!

 Great Value
     Buyers save money daily, for one year!

 Supports Local Merchants
     Discounts bring in customers!

     Add your own colors, logos, photos and  schedules!

 Repeat Sales
     Customers will purchase year after year!

 Low Risk
     Some unsold cards can be returned!

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